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  • Why do farm fresh eggs not have to be refrigerated?
    You don't need to refrigerate farm fresh eggs. Eggs are laid with a near invisible coating called the "bloom" or "cuticle" on the shell. What is this? This coating helps keep air and bacteria out of the egg, keeping the egg fresher longer.
  • How long do Farm Fresh eggs last?
    A general rule, unwashed eggs will last around two weeks unrefrigerated and about three months or more in your refrigerator. If you’re experiencing an egg boom, it’s smart to refrigerate any unwashed fresh eggs you aren’t planning to eat immediately. This will help them last longer. Or give them away to friends or family. Washed eggs must be refrigerated and will last around two months in the refrigerator.
  • What is a Pasture Raised Chicken?
    Pastured chicken is a variety that is raised outdoors, with access to fresh air and lots of room to roam around. The big difference between pasture-raised and organic chicken is that organic chicken doesn't necessarily go outside. They may still be raised in large warehouses where they are packed tightly together. Besides the benefit of these animals being able to move around and experience the world instead of being cooped so closely together, there are significant health benefits for humans, including: - Reduced levels of salmonella bacteria (a cause of food poisoning) compared to chickens raised in a warehouse setting. - Lower levels of E Coli bacteria. A study published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that pasture-raised chicken had higher levels of healthy fats, including omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin A and E, which can help reduce inflammation in your body and improve overall heart health. - Less antibiotic-resistant genes than conventionally farmed chicken breeds
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